Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hello all, as most of you know, i started this blog in partnership with the guys over at California Beach Guide. Thier site is more informational and not very interactive, so i told them i would fire this blog up to get people interested in beach scene a little bit more. Enough of that, on to the topic. Los Angeles Beaches (in and around LA) are the most fun in my opionion. Some of them are relaxing, some of them bring in all walks of humans, some pleasing, others annoying, and some just downright scary. The ONLY thing beaches in and around LA have in common is the LACK of parking and hotels. So here we go, where to stay when going to the beach.

The first hotel on the list is the Hotel Oceana. The hotel has a South of France feel and is located accross the street from the beach. it is also walking distance to the Santa Monica Pier, which i hold dear due to its ability to bring in people from all walks of life. The hotel ( i should say resort) is a treat within itself. The room service is from the Wolfgang Puck Cafe and each room has a kitchen (there are about 66 rooms i think). There is also a lot of shopping. This hotel (resorts) affords all the ammenties and conforts to you can truly enjoy the Santa Monica beach without the hassle of the LA parking/lodging scene.

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